Francesca Seely


Francesca “Frankie” Seely is a stellar surfer from Malibu, California. She is consistently earning first place trophies for both longboarding and short boarding. She recently took first place in the WSA West Coast Championship as well as the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association). She is also currently starring on  Awesomeness TV’s new web-series “Surfers,” which follows the lives of a group of Malibu teens as they navigate through relationships, plan for the future, and catch some perfect California waves. This Malibu High School senior has her sights set on college and going pro.

Frankie’s favorite place to surf is El Salvador because of the perfect right hand point breaks with only a hand full of people out. The waves are usually overhead and the water is a warm beautiful blue.  The people are so great there!


Find out more about Frankie on her website: and follow her on Instagram @Franksters123.