Polarized Sun Readers

Hobie® Women’s Polarized Reading Sunglasses

Leveraging the style and function synonymous with Hobie Polarized, we’ve outfitted a few of our favorite frames with a high performance reader lens. Whether you’re reading your Smartphone in a convertible or slicing through the surf on a surfboard, our Women’s polarized reader sunglasses will let you see clearly no matter how bright the glare.

Styles of women’s polarized reading sunglasses include the and Woody Reader (grey lens only) for women. Select women’s polarized reading sunglasses grey lenses for everyday use in moderate to bright conditions where minimal contrast enhancement is necessary; grey lenses provide natural color perception for a soothing visual experience.

Choose women’s polarized reader sunglasses with cooper lenses for everyday use in normal to bright conditions, copper allows for heightened perception to colors, creating the perfect sunglass for activities like surfing, sailing, and driving.

All styles of women’s polarized reader sunglasses offer HydroClean™ Plus, a revolutionary lens coating for unmatched vision on and off the water. Our advanced HydroClean™ Plus polarized lenses sheds water, resists dust and grime and is easy to clean, so your sunglasses will look great in all types of conditions.