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Hobie® Polarized Sunglasses for Men

For over six decades, Hobie has been providing premier polarized sunglasses for men for both leisure and sport. Top athletes across the globe have come to rely on Hobie men’s polarized sunglasses for razor sharp vision on land and sea.

Hobie’s Collection of Men’s Polarized Sunglasses Includes:

Glass Polarized Sunglasses Collection: Featuring our highest quality borosilicate glass lenses. The Glass Collection is carefully crafted with leading technology. Available in timeless and sleek frame designs.

Sport Polarized Sunglasses Collection: Combining rugged, lightweight frames with crisp polarized lenses that can withstand just about anything. This makes our Sport Collection perfectly suited to meet the challenges of active and everyday wear.

Motion Polarized Sunglasses Collection: Don't forget to pack these classic styles paird with premium frames. Signature Motion Collection designs complement everything from a casual day at the beach to endless summer barbeques.

Sun Reader Polarized Sunglass Collection: Leveraging the style and function synonymous with Hobie Polarized, we’ve outfitted a few of our favorite frames with a high performance reader lens. Whether navigating the waters or charting a course to your favorite spot on the coast, our polarized reader sunglasses will let you see clearly no matter how bright the glare.