McWay is clean, stylish and substantial featuring a larger than life stainless steel frame and Hobie® Polarized Lenses.

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Lens Colors

Grey Lens

The original Hobie® Grey Polarized lenses use a high performing blend of grey and smoke to create a versatile tint that works across any outdoor activity.  Perfect for a relaxed drive down the California coast or a deep sea fishing trip, Hobie® Grey lenses are recommended for everyday use in moderate to bright conditions, where minimal contrast enhancement is necessary. Hobie® Grey lenses provide natural color perception for a soothing visual experience.


Style Features:

  • HydroClean™ Polycarbonate Lenses

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • Durable Integrated Hinges

  • Adjustable PVC Nose Pads

  • 6 Base Polarized Lenses

  • M/L Fit 58-13-143