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List of Hobie® Polarized Sunglasses Collection

Because everyone’s eyes and outdoor needs vary, Hobie continues to expand its line of sunglasses. Top athletes across the globe have come to rely on Hobie polarized sunglasses collection for crisp clear vision in all types of environments.

Hobie’s Polarized Sunglasses Collection Includes:

Sun Reader Polarized Sunglass Collection

Escondido Reader, Rockpile Reader, and Woody Reader

Heritage Glass Polarized Sunglass Collection
Baja Heritage Glass, Bayside Heritage Glass, Segundo Heritage Glass, and Woody Heritage Glass

Motion Polycarbonate Polarized Sunglass Collection
The Wedge, Rips, Hailey, Naomi, Dax, La Jolla, Bondi Sea Crystal Series, Doho, Dogpatch, Woody, Cruz, Mojo and more.

Protect your eyes in sporty style with each chic collection. Hobie polarized sunglasses will stand up to the challenges of active sports on both land and water along with everyday wear. All Hobie sunglasses offer HydroClean™ Plus, a revolutionary lens coating that repels water, resists dust and grime and is easy to clean, so your sunglasses will look great in all kinds of elements.

Shop by collection or by style. Either way, you’re sure to find stylish and functional polarized sunglasses that are perfect for you.