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Hobie® Polarized Sunglasses Collection

Hobie has been providing fashionable and functional sunglasses for work and play since 1950. Top athletes across the globe have come to rely on Hobie polarized sunglasses collection for crisp clear vision in all types of terrain.

Hobie’s Polarized Sunglass Collection Includes:

  • Sun Reader Collection –On the beach or on a boat, this polarized sunglass collection, which includes styles such as the Escondido Reader, Rockpile Reader and the Woody Reader, will let you see clearly in even the brightest daylight.
  • Heritage Glass Collection – Sport and fashion collide with this collection. Styles include Baja Heritage Glass, Bayside Heritage Glass, Segundo Heritage Glass and Woody Heritage Glass.
  • Motion Polycarbonate Collection – The Motion Series is a polarized sunglass collection ideally suited to meet the challenges of active sports and everyday wear. Motion Polycarbonate styles include The Wedge, Rips, Hailey, Naomi, Dax, La Jolla, Bondi Sea Crystal Series, Doho, Dogpatch, Woody, Cruz, Mojo and more.

Shop by collection or by style. Either way, you’re sure to find stylish and functional polarized sunglasses collection for your active lifestyle.