Prescription Polarized Sunglasses

Hobie Polarized prescription sunglasses are now available online!

Hobie has proudly partnered with SportRx to bring you Hobie Polarized prescription sunglasses online. Browse our website for your favorite Hobie sunglasses and simply click “GET THIS IN RX” or go directly to the Hobie-SportRx storefront where you can seamlessly order your Hobie Polarized prescription sunglasses online!

From lined bifocals and progressive lenses, to lens tints and mirror coatings, you can now customize your Hobie prescription polarized sunglasses to your exact needs. Have questions about Hobie Rx? Feel free to contact the SportRx the opticians – they’re here to help! Order your Hobie prescription polarized sunglasses through our trusted partner and enjoy free shipping and returns as well as top-notch customer service.