John Dornellas



John Dornellas is a well-rounded young salt and spear fishing world-record holder. He grew up windsurfing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, free diving and spear fishing, raced and surfed SUP and has sailed from Bermuda to the Azores even though he periodically gets seasick. He’s been a windsurfing and water sports instructor and trainer for eighteen years and runs his own ocean-based program on Fisher’s Island, New York during the summer months. The rest of his year is spent as a Free diving Instructor for Free diving Instructors International where he teaches free diving and spear fishing courses from Fiji to Florida. Additionally, John is a surf and underwater photographer, freelance graphic designer and a writer for several international spear fishing magazines. He likes to cook, build with his hands and eat as much squid ink pasta as possible. He is currently working on a spear fishing film with Breathless Productions and played a role in “Inhale”, a documentary about the Azores under the direction of David Ochoa (Breathless Productions).