Trey Leggett


Born and raised in Texas, Trey spent many a day fishing Lake Travis and Mansfield Dam for bass and catfish as a young boy.  He later migrated to inshore fishing the Texas Coast as a teenager and found his love of tangling with speckled trout, flounder, and redfish. After a military relocation in 1989, Trey ended up on the Georgia Coast and began fishing their inshore waters with having to learn their crazy tide fluctuations.  After many years of fishing from a boat he was introduced into the world of kayak fishing.  Kayak fishing has enabled Trey to be a more deliberate and patient fisherman, forcing him to view his tactics in a different way. Trey conducts several kayak fishing seminars annually for Coastal Georgia Kayak Fishing.  Trey is a fishing team member for Hobie kayaks.  Whether fishing or other outdoor activities, you’ll always see Trey with his Hobie Polarized sunglasses at hand.