Rory Gregg


As true passionate waterman, Rory has been fishing and surfing the waters of Northeast Florida as well as numerous remote locations around the world his whole life. Growing up under the tutelage of Hobie East Coast Ambassador, Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg, Rory has watched, listened, and learned all of the skills to carry himself on and off the water as a professional kayak angler. Targeting the slam is the name of his game! You can find Rory launching at dawn patrol putting together treks in upwards of 5 miles to slay the redfish, gator trout, and flounder. When not on the water he enjoys spending time with his wife, Tammy, and son, Caelon, and daughter, Everly, in their local community of Nocatee, Florida. The “Weekend Warrior” is an active member of the community, kayak-angling guide, seminar host, promoter, fishing editorial writer for various publications, and a Top 10 finisher on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour and many other flats fishing tournaments over the past two decades. You can contact Rory Gregg in Jacksonville, Florida for your next kayak angling adventure, and he can also be reached for editorial, seminar, and sponsorship opportunities at 904-314-0628, or via email at