Jason Dudek


Jason Dudek has been fishing since he was a young kid growing up in New York with his father. He started fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Ontario trolling with downriggers, but soon talked his dad into trying for Bass. Shortly thereafter all the salmon and trout gear went to the back of the closet, and the quest to catch bass began. He fished my first bass tournament in 1991 as a senior in high school on Lake Champlain. That was where the passion and the need to compete in tournaments began. Shortly after graduating from college, he bought his first bass boat, a Stratos 278. While living in New York he fished the RedMan Trail (Now the BFL) and local tournaments on Conesus and Honoye Lake. He moved to Minnesota in the fall 2000 and began fishing tournaments the next spring in a bass club called the Sportsmen Bassmasters and a tournament trail called Team Bass. He soon started fishing the Pro/Am tournament trail called the Silverado Pro/Am.