Art Bailey


Art Bailey is a Native Californian who has been fishing Local, Regional and National bass tournaments for the last 26 years. While Stationed in San Diego during his 21 year naval career he got hooked on Bass Fishing when he caught a 10 lb bass at Lake Otay in San Diego.   Soon after that he joined a local bass club.  That is when Art learned the advantages of wearing Hobie Polarized Sunglasses while fishing. As Art started winning and placing high in tournaments he started reaching out to the manufactures of the products he used and believed in.  That’s when his relationship with Hobie Polarized began.   Hobie Polarized has been a part of Art’s life for over 20 years now. Art has won numerous tournaments in his lifetime. We are very proud of all his accomplishments including one of the West Coasts most coveted events.  Art is among only 4 Anglers to ever win The El Cajon Ford San Diego Team Open two Times in its 15 year history.  This special event is a two day event that tests your skill and ability on two different bodies of water. When Art isn’t competing he enjoys spending time volunteering at the Little League Fields coaching his Son and spending time with his Family.