About Hobie Polarized

Hobie Alter, a man, a twentieth century waterman, a craftsman, a visionary, and an inventor.He created a craft that made getting on the water fun and now the name Hobie has transcended from the man, to a movement, to a lifestyle, to a Hobie way of life.

In 1982, Hobie Alter, standing on a beach in Dana Point California, had already revolutionized fun on the water with his surfboards and Hobie Cat catamaran. It was from this beach that he developed Hobie Polarized sunglasses with one true unwavering vision; to make a pair of high performing sunglasses that had one important goal….who ever wore them would have more fun on the water.

Our mission at Hobie® Polarized remains true to the values set forth by Hobie Alter many years ago. Build high quality, high functioning polarized sunglasses that will make getting on the water more fun.

See the Hobie journey below.

The Hobie Logo History

Hobie Logo History

  • 1950 Hobie Alter shapes his first surfboard
  • 1954 Hobie Alter Opens the First Surf Shop in Dana Point, CA.
  • 1958 Hobie Alter Creates and Introduces the 1st Successful Polyurethane Foam/Fiberglass Surfboard
  • 1964 Hobie Comes Out With a Line of Skateboards
  • 1968 Hobie Christens the First Hobie 14’ Catamaran
  • 1970 Life Magazine publishes a feature titled, “The Cat that Flies” and as another Hobie legend is created – The Hobie 16′
  • 1972 The Hobie Cat Becomes the World’s Best Selling Catamaran
  • 1982 Hobie Polarized is launched by Hobie Alter Jr.
  • 1984 Hobie Power Skiff 15’ Introduced
  • 1986 Tony Laurent & Daniel Pradel cross Atlantic on a Hobie 18’
  • 1987 Hobie Polarized Adds Copper and Sightmaster Lenses to the Collection
  • 1994 Hobie Creates the Float Cat! Pontoon Kick Boat Designed For Fishing.
  • 1995 The TriFoiler is Born! At speeds over 40 miles per hour, it’s the world’s fastest production sailboat.
  • 1996 Hobie Introduces Body Boards, Snowboards and Water Skis
  • 1997 Hobie Creates its First Kayak – The Pursuit
  • 1998 Hobie Mirage Is Born! The world’s first pedaling kayak utilizing Hobie’s new Hydro-Sail Drive
  • 2000 Hobie Surfboards Once Again Handcrafted in Capistrano Beach, CA
  • 2001 Hobie Cat Introduces the Outback Fishing Kayak
  • 2012 Hobie Polarized has it’s 30 Year Anniversary
  • 2013 Hobie Polarized Launches Polarized Sun Readers
  • 2015 Hobie Polarized Launches the Hydro Collection